Introducing Naresh Panchal

Renowned Acting Coach and Author

Welcome to the world of acting excellence guided by Naresh Panchal, a renowned acting coach hailing from Mumbai. With a unique and easily adaptable training style, Naresh has crafted a comprehensive 3-month Acting Training Program tailored for aspiring actors in the film industry. With over 8 years of experience as an acting coach, including a stint as a dean at a prestigious acting school, Naresh Panchal established his own Acting Studio in Mumbai in 2015.

Naresh's impactful training methods have propelled many of his students into successful careers in the film industry. As an author, he has penned the insightful book "Actor Banna Hai To Ye Baaten Jaanna Bahut Zaruri Hai!" serving as a guiding beacon for aspiring actors, offering a roadmap to navigate the intricate pathways of the film industry. Join Naresh Panchal on a journey of self-discovery and artistic mastery, and unlock your true potential in the world of acting.